Responsible Tourism

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Here are my observations after watching above video.

1. Tourists are selfish people, just indulging in their own definition of happiness.
2. Not helping local population
3. Making rich companies more rich
4. Promoting irresponsible behavior (Example: Peeing in bed)
5. Spoiling environment
6. Violating building rules and causing harm to tourists and environment.
7. Promoting drugs in slum areas

There are few good people
1. She want to raise a small pig, want to raise chicken
2. Speaks Mayan language and loves their culture

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Life Lessons from LB Sriram

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H1B Visa

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Surrender to God

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Bhavani Ashtakam
In this context, Bhavani means GOD.

Read it in above link multiple times.
See is there any response from your inside.

Listen…focus on sub titles….do you feel something?

Hurricane Harvey

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Lessons Learned

Protecting Cars

Car Capsule for Indoor Parking

Aqua Dam

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