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Obesity : The Post Mortem

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Know your Gut

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Watch this documentary “The Gut: Our Second Brain”

The Gut: Our Second Brain
Amazon Video ~ Cecile Denjean

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Poverty Inc

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Teach fishing, rather giving fish

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Foam Cement Construction

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Circadian Rhythm and Sleep Disruption

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Socratic Method

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Drive Positive Change in Your Life

In this webinar, Stanford Professor Bernard Roth offers simple tools of thinking to brighten your outlook and rise above any problem, both at home and in the office. Using examples from his book, The Achievement Habit, and from his work at the Stanford, he will prove how the power of a design thinking mindset can advantageously alter the way we approach problems, leading to more productive and satisfying lives.

This presentation gives you a taste of what will be taught during the Innovation Masters Series being held this September 12-14, 2018 at Stanford.

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