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Anne Sullivan & Helen Keller

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Telugu Short Films – Self Study for Adults

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Raallu Part 1

Raallu Part 2

What you learned?
How to come up with this type story?
What you do better in your life?

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Telugu – Self Study – Celebrate

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1. Enjoy yourself.
2. Ask students to write, what they learned
3. Reflect on them and see what you feel and what you learned

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Hypothalamus – Its importance

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As a matter of fact, because of the crucial role that sleep plays in the health of your nervous system, getting adequate sleep is the single most important strategy you could ever implement for fixing your brain and enhancing your mental function.

Hypothalamus is important part of brain/body


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How to Pray like a Monk?

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Mud Home

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Mud Ball – How I Dug Myself Out of the Daily Grind
by Atulya K Bingham

Auroville Earth Institute

***** – Must Read –

Earthen Floors

Earthen Floors: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Practice
by Sukita Reay Crimmel et al.

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Practice is the essence of quality survival

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Once, Lord Indra got upset with Farmers, he announced there will be No rain for 12 years & you won’t be able to produce crops

Farmers begged for clemency from Lord Indra , who then said , Rain will be possible only if Lord Shiva plays his Damru , but he secretly requested Lord Shiva not to agree to these Farmers & when Farmers reached Lord Shiva he repeated the same thing that he will play Damru after 12 years

Disappointed Farmers decided to wait till 12 years but one Farmer regularly was digging treating & putting manure in the soil & sowing the seeds even with no crop emerging
Other Farmers were making fun of that Farmer . After 3 years all Farmers asked that Farmer why are you wasting your time n energy when you know that rains will not come before 12 years

He replied ” I know that crop won’t come out but I’m doing it as a matter of “practice” . After 12 years I will forget the process of growing crops n working in the field so I must keep it doing so that I’m fit to produce the crop,,the moment there is rain after 12 years

Hearing his argument Goddess Parvati praised his version before Lord Shiva & said You may also lose the practice of playing the Damru after 12 years
The innocent Lord Shiva in his anxiety just tried to play the Damru, if he could,,, and hearing the sound of Damru immediately there was rain n the farmer who was regularly working in the field got his crop emerged immediately n others were disappointed

It is the practice which keeps on making you perfect

The game is won during the practice Not during the performance

You become even diseased or old just because you don’t practice on your body or mind
Practice is the essence of quality survival

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