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Permanent + Agriculture = Permaculture = Self Sustainable Farming

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Generating power with the help of bullocks

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On Sunday, the Muscle Energy Enviro Mission (MEEM) machine was showcased in the city amidst farmer leaders and public representatives from across the State. The simple machine, developed by Battula Jagadish of Maddox Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, generates power within minutes as a result of the mechanical energy provided by the moving bullocks.

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Rainwater harvesting – Changed Village

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Simple Example one in USA

Heaven on Earth – Dunwoody community garden

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Recently visited Dunwoody Community Garden.

We can grow our own vegetables in organic way. It is easy. Initially we need to spend couple of hours in setting up the plot. Later it is maximum of 2 to 4 hours in a week and lest expensive. Working in garden gives very nice experience and relaxation. Also working in soil provides good germs to body and boosts immune system according to naturopathy. Satisfaction is the highly motivating factor in growing our own vegetables.

Please check photos at:

Try to locate one nearest to your place

Agriculture portal for Telugu People

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Enabavi, the hamlet of the Kalyanam Revenue village, Lingala Ghanapur Mandal, Warangal District, Andhra Pradesh has created history in its own right and ensure it a place in agrarian history of India. The entire village involving about 55 families, 300 acres constituting the hamlet population of about 200 has become fully organic, free of pesticides, chemical fertilisers and genetically-modified crops, standing as a ray of hope in the midst of dark picture of agriculture indebtedness, meagre returns and increasing input costs.

AP VILLAGE It is the first village in the country to declare itself, chemical free and GM free. A village in the farmer suicide heartland of Andhra Pradesh has no indebtedness, no suicide and no migration. – Mrs. Uma, NDTV, October 13 2006.

The accomplishment was not any sudden incident or miracle. It took three years of determined efforts of our organization and priceless cooperation from the gritty farmers of the entire village. Initially it was little difficult for CROPS to change the mindset of farmers that only pumping in lot of chemicals and growing GM crops could fetch higher yields. But our past successful history in dealing with devastating attack of RED HAIRY CATERPILLARS and continuous motivation from grass root level motivator Mr.Ponnam Mallaiah of the same village. Helped to gain confidence of the villagers and in the beginning we could convince 10 of the total 55 farmers and of course the rest is history.

ENABAVI FARMERS CREATE HISTORY – Constant motivation by NGOs, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture in association with Centre for Rural Operations and Programmes Society did the trick. – Mr. Venkateshwarlu THE HINDU, Oct 12, 2006

Until the year 2001, like majority of farmers of the country, farmers of the Enabavi village are also heavily indebted to the local money lenders and are now free also are able to invest on agriculture inputs without borrowing. Rice, tobacco, cotton, pulses, coarse grains, chillies and vegetables are grown in the village using locally available manure like cow dung, cattle droppings, decoction of tobacco and neem. Initially, the productivity fell marginally but has started picking up once again.

To the question, if they were receiving any subsidy, in cash or kind, from CROPS, CWS, CSA and AEI, the answer was an emphatic ‘No, only advice and guidance’.
Dr. Kameshwara Rao, Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness & Education –

There is pride in Enabavi villagers as they explain to continuously visiting scientists and other visitors why their village is an island of prosperity in Warangal district, notorious as the heartland of heavy pesticide use and farmer suicides. In the last five years, they have stopped using pesticides and chemical fertilisers and are now growing fully organic crops. What is more important is they have declared they won’t grow genetically modified crops either. The villagers are all free from the stranglehold of money lenders; there is no migration in search of work and not a single farmer suicide death in the village.

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Self Sufficiency – grow our own vegetables

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Documentary on the terrace vegetable garden

We can grow our own vegetables in small places, even on top of terraces. Satisfaction is the highly motivating factor in growing our own vegetables. Less pesticides into our bodies.

Integration of multicropping in 18 cents