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Obesity : The Post Mortem

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Running Score

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31.78 on 25-Feb-2018

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Fasting is best cure

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Hypothalamus – Its importance

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As a matter of fact, because of the crucial role that sleep plays in the health of your nervous system, getting adequate sleep is the single most important strategy you could ever implement for fixing your brain and enhancing your mental function.

Hypothalamus is important part of brain/body


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Recently met my friend who is practicing Accu Touch for last few years in Bangalore.
Surprised to see that how we missed this holistic medicine for so long.
This is oldest acupuncture technique without needles.
Healer touches points in hand for few seconds to max 2 minutes.
Only once in a week and it will take few weeks for complete cure.
Fees is affordable and they waive fees for poor.
Initial consultation Rs.300 and later Rs.200 for each session.

In Hyderabad
Sparsha Traditional Accupuncture
Dilip: 924 655 2601
Prasad: 767 482 9409
Santhi: 900 033 1116
Vasanthi: 998 552 7274

Vidya Nagar, Adikmet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500044


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Headphones & Earphones Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss: What You Need to Know

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Many people are using headphones for different reasons. Irrespective of reasons the chances of getting hearing loss is very high.

This is what my doctor told me.
When sound waves pass through the ear, it vibrates hair inside the ear. By vibrations sound waves converts to mechanical and later to electrical signals to brain. Putting headphones will increase vibrations a lot and naturally there is high possibility of this hair loss, end up in hearing loss.

Picture of hair inside the ear

Image Reference:

Links for further study:
Organ of Corti –
Cochlea –

How the ear works?

Hearing Loss and Headphones – Is Anyone Listening?

Headphones & Earphones Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss: What You Need to Know


Use built in speakers to listen
Learn to focus on work/study without music through headphones


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Lactose Free Milk – India

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Many people around the world are struggling with Lactose intolerance.

Here is solution tried by others

In USA many people buy Lactose Free Milk from different Brands. In India Lactose Free Milk is not available.


Costco is selling,-180-Caplets.product.100016086.html




Please check Amazon Comments

You can take two of the capsules, grind them up in a pestle or whatever method you have to grind them down to a fine powder, which is easy. Then take the powder and drop in a gallon of milk and shake. Give it 24 hours and you will have very cost effective lactose free milk. This is the same enzyme everyone uses to convert the lactose to glucose, just in a dry format. You can actually tell that the milk is a bit sweeter after 24 hours. This is much cheaper and easier to manage than the liquid drops others offer to do the same thing. Glucose strips show that it works well. This can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year.

From lactaid


Notes from other person


Buy In India


Apollo Pharmacy is importing and selling