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Rescission / Economy / Housing / Unemployment

If we can see unemployment rate is slowing down in 3 consecutive months we can think that we are recovering from recession. It looks like it may take two more years to recover completely based on current data in below link.

New house sales rate should go up in three consecutive months. Now it is going up and down and not optimistic.

Unemployment Data:
Houses sales information:
in this link select “New One-Family Houses Sold by Sales Price” select united states monthly to see numbers.

Economy Watch –

USA Migration path:


English News:
Telugu News:

Dallas, TX Pollen Count:
Atlanta, GA Pollen Count:


Or Search in Google for “2011 Fall Allergy Capitals”

Compare Weather

Compare Pollen

Packing and Moving: (Best company)

Loading Container Software:

After moving use this to arrange furniture:

Best way to pack items:

Auto Moving :

International Shipping: (Approved by HCL and lot of other Indian IT Companies)

Pack your TV, etc while going to India or any place:

Atlanta Movers – Affordable Movers (Von Gaston) – Phone # 404-397-9475 –
This is one of the best teams I ever worked.

Airline Tickets
Web Sites:
Use these sites. Book directly from respective airline for your safety. – This is showing high prices. Don’t trust this site. Double check with airline website.
When we buy from broker sites, it will be trouble some with baggage allowances, transfers, cancellation, upgrades,…etc


Small Story: Once upon a time, one travel agent told that if customer pays by cash or check, they give 50$ discount. Many people purchased the tickets. Customer Ram went to Hyderabad and while returning he found that his ticket was canceled. After coming to NJ, USA he found that travel company was closed and the agent went back to India with huge money. Moral of the story: Buy from trusted agents and pay by credit card.

Yoga / Pranayamam

ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ అత్తగార్ల సంఘం
బాధిత అత్తలు సంప్రదించాల్సిన నెంబర్లు 924604380, 90000525111, 9966607747, 9704683163.

అత్తగార్లకు అండగా.

కోడలూ కాబోయే అత్తగారే


Best sites moved me
Sand Sculpture:

Best place to buy electronics

Frys –
Micro Center –
Deals – Use Search feature to check past deals
Black Friday Deals –

Divorce Rate in USA, India and other Countries


Dollar Vs Rupee Forecast


Buy Vs Rent House

Check this link in IE or Firefox. It is not working in chrome for me.

What car to buy?


Dallas Traffic:


Visa Sponsors and Other related information regarding Viasas:


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