Death is great

Death is great

God created earth
It looks big
But it is having limited resources
To keep it clean
To keep it moving
To keep it evolving
To use it again
God created death

God created life
Life is restless
To give the peace
God created death

We will enjoy
When caterpillar knitting its cocoon
We know that it is going to fly soon
Why should I cry?
When I am going to tomb
My soul will fly like butterfly soon
To bask the Gods world

Look at the leaf
Born with bright color
Grows with joy
Falls to floor
To rest in the dust
This body too
Raised from earth and
It will rest in dust one day

Birth is beginning of story
Death is ending of drama
Story, Screenplay and direction
All are done by God
No fun in fighting with others
All are going to end
At the end of the drama

Don’t wait for death
It comes like uninvited guest
It is scary, if we know that
We are going to die
Don’t scare to it
Don’t cry for it
Don’t wait for it
We don’t know
When God is going
To end this character

Death is not accident
Death is not incident
Death is transformation
From limitedness to infinite
From sensual pleasure to eternal happiness
From corruptness to correctness

Death is one of greatest God’s actions
Death elevate the soul from body
Death gives the freedom to soul
Body can’t reach the heavens
But soul is going to glorify his name.


Thinking of death, life and
life after death since last few days….
Alpharetta, GA

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