I am the culprit

I am the culprit

Driving through dense traffic
Looking at the tall trees

Trees look great
Trees look proud
Trees look fine when
They live and stand
Few are fallen soldiers
Axed by the man
Few are wounded soldiers
Pruned by the man
Trees are proud citizens
Asking the humans
What harm we did to you?

Crossing the river on road
Looking at downward stream
Flowing like life line
Rivers are like blood streams
Taking the water
Saving many lives
I saw a drainage pipe
Delivering the poison
Into the fresh stream
Fish is dying
Animals are running away
All are asking humans
What harm we did to you?

Passing through the plains
Looked at the pile of mud
Realized it is dumpster
Earth can’t take all the junk
Crying with pain
Filled with plastic
Filled with human waste
Junk is seeping
Spoiling the ground water
Earthworms are dying
Tadpoles are dying
All are asking humans
What harm we did to you?

Looked at the sky
Sun is rising
Stars are fading
Looks like it is too late
Realized sky is covered with smog
When I am walking
In my childhood days
Used to see lot of birds
Searching for the birds
All fly away because of the smoke
Butterflies are gone
Fireflies are gone
Dragonflies are gone
Where are they
To show to the kids
All are asking humans
What harm we did to you?

Stopped at signal
Thought of God
Stand like sinner
Sinned against all
Whom God given
Crying with tears
Asked for help
Not to spoil
His beautiful creation


Got these feelings while driving on Route 400.
Alpharetta to Dunwoody, GA

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