I am the virgin

I am the virgin

I am the little flower
Born in small family
Raised with respect
Grown with dignity

One day I opened my eyes
Feeling pain in body
Slowly realized
I am in Red Light area
Somebody kidnapped me
Sold me like merchandise


Beaten me to death
Beaten me in every part
Starved me for days
Broken my heart
Broken my bones
To accept the sin

Injected me drugs
Robbed my innocence
Brought me to consciousness
To feel the pain
To prepare me for next day


Days are passing
Body is weakening
Spirit is broken
Accepted the life
Because, I failed to die


Praying for the best
Praying to come out
Praying for purity
Praying for help

Asking the God
Again and again
Why it happened to me?


Dying with disease
Dying with pain
Dying with shame
Dying with guilt
Not yet dead
To tell my story


I told my self
It is pain to body
But not to soul
I am part of sin
But, I am not the sinner
I am the virgin
Until I commit my self to do


Dear God
Forgive our sins
Bring us out of this hell
Show us your mercy
Give the life
To walk with happiness


Don’t cry for me
I already lost my self
But make sure that
Your kids are protected
Your wives are safe
Your mothers are taken care


If you want to help us
You are the real hero
Prevent the incidents to happen
Break this business into ashes
Heal our wounds
Give us food
Give us peace
Let us live
Until we die


Crying from deep
Crying with pain
Stopped crying
Because there are no more tears


Watching the news
Just to see all of you
You also watching news
To see our stories
One side you
Another side me
How TV is going to help?
To solve this puzzle


Praying again
At the end of the day
To see his miracle
Before I die

I am the virgin
Going to marry God
When I reach heavens


Written after seeing Mumbai red light area in youtube.
Feeling bad…..praying my best….Dear God protect all innocent girls from prostitution.

Thank you,
Bhavani P Polimetla

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