Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

Talking with a patient
She is struggling with ill health
Don’t know what to eat
Even though we tell
She ignores in next moment

People give divorce
Think badly after that
Don’t have knowledge
To keep marriage in shape

We are not supposed
To drive fast on road
Many will realize
Only after caught by police

We are not supposed
To spend more than we earn
Many will realize
Only after getting bills at the end

We don’t have time
To learn from self experience
It is the time
To learn from others

When we have time in hand
We don’t know its value
When we need it
We don’t have enough

When we are healthy
We don’t take care of ourselves
When we are sick
We don’t have energy to recover


People studied in Oxford
People studied in Harvard
People studied in Cambridge
Everybody is in Wall Street
What all they did?
When market is tumbling

Many concepts are taught in class
Many people are trained
Many people memorized rules
Many tests people passed
Process brings people to knowledge
But knowledge won’t give freedom
Until we put it to work


God gives knowledge
God gives judgment
Knowledge is God
Ignorance is evil
These are the only two things
Existed in this world

Knowledge is power
Knowledge is freedom
Knowledge is fire
Knowledge is life
Only when we use it wisely

Dear God, give us patience
To deal with ignorant people
Give us the courage
To argue with unwitting people
Give us the strength
To defend the right
Give us the peace
When we are at war
Give us the knowledge
When we are in ignorance

Dear God, give us this day
Our daily knowledge
And knowledge to put it to work
Forgive us our failures
And forgive those who failed us
Lead us not into temptation
And deliver us from ignorance

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