Life is flowing

Life is flowing

Sitting on the riverbank
Looking into deep waters
Thrown pebble into midst
Thoughts are chasing the waves
Don’t know where they disappear

River started as spring
Bubbling air
Crystal clear
See through beneath
Oozing water
Flowing calmly

Falling from the heights
Falling on the stones
Making the rhythms
Farming the rainbows
Erosion the stones
Making it smooth

When water falling from heights
Pain to the water
Pain to the stone
Water got minerals
Stone got the beauty

Started as stream
Flowing with ease
Joined by other streams
It became river

Flowing through dry lands
Making them fertile
Dried up by the land
Just become the vapor
Joined with clouds
Rained on the land
Touched the beneath
Raised as spring

Everybody looks like going to destiny
Few are going back to origin
Just like water

Rain, Rain came again
Caused the rivers to flood again
Floods bought the fertile mud
Floods cut the riverbanks
Floods filled land with sand
Floods did what they can

Flooded through the lazy land
Stopped at the end of dam
Little water went through gates
More water diverted to land

Fishes are swimming through
Crocodiles are bathing in it
Frogs are jumping at the edge
Ducks are diving for food
Lotuses are blossoming

River is flowing
Giving life to many
River is flowing
Not waiting for anybody

River came to an end
Floating into ocean
Waves are welcoming
Waves are floating
Just to hug the coming river

River is submissive
It looks like it is ending
Water left the river
Entered the ocean
Another story started again

Looking at the river
Asking my self
Is it me?


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