Live with a style

Live with a style

One fine moment
Temptation possessed me
Committed the sin knowingly
Failed to controlled the self
Fainted at the end
Closed the eyes for a moment
Whole story reveled again
Feeling guilty
Feeling shame
Feeling pain
I am the sinner
Committed again

Told myself
Many times to stay away
Somewhere in the corner
Evil is waiting for a chance
Bitten me hard
When I opened the door

No use of crying
No use of tears
Once sin ripped the self
Patiently passing the time
While going through tough times

Praying for forgiveness
Praying for protection
Praying for safe living
Praying all the time

Back to the normal life
Still ghost memories are haunting
While passing though the dark nights
Chiseling the heart
Robbed the peace
Lost the time
Praying for peace
Again and again

God given this life
To live with a style
If you miss it once
You will lose forever
Until he forgives and
Brings you back to herd


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