Me and My Dad

Me and My Dad

On a busy day in New York
Time is running without competition
Just got the call from India
Somebody told me that
Dad is fighting with death

Flight is taking off
Taking me nearer to my dad
Closed my eyes with tiredness
Days are reeling fast

When I born on earth
Dad is the first person
He welcomed me with love
Welcomed me with cheers
Shared his joy
Smiled all times
Given me the support
To walk straight in life

He joined me in school
To come up in life
To handle the tough times
To help the self and
To help the others

He accepted the girl
Whom I bought with love
Supported my deeds
Supported my thoughts
During my tough times

Feeling pain in heart
Feeling pain in body
Just opened the eyes
To realize that I am at home

Went straight into dad’s room
Looked at his eyes
Without knowing what to expect
He looked at me
And just given a smile
I don’t know its meaning
But feeling difficult to smile back

He know in his heart
I know in my heart
What is going to happen soon?
He wants to live
I hope he should live long
Who is going to win?
Only time knows
What is going to happen next?

Sat next to him
What to ask?
What not to ask?
Fighting with self
Everything is known
To me and my dad
Just started talking
To brake the silence

Difficult to speak up
Difficult to sit in silence
Looking at eyes
Comforting each other
With love and affection
Easy to welcome
Difficult to give sendoff
Breath taking moment to say bye

He wants to tell something
But smiling with ease
Closed his eyes
While his body is giving trouble
Doctor came for a visit
Told us the bitter news that
Dad is not going to
Open his eyes again
Last moment passed
Without knowing that
It is going to happen

Time is running
Wheels are moving
Wings are flying
Joined the New York crowd
To start another busy day


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