Morning talk with Jesus

Morning talk with Jesus

Woke up in the morning
Pain in the back
Pain in the neck
Pain in throat
Pain in the body
Body wants rest
Pain is killing sleep
Sat in the chair
Started praying again

People thought
I chosen Jesus
Just for my material world
They don’t know that
You are my best friend
During my tough days

I didn’t become rich person
I didn’t become healthier person
What profit I am expecting from you?

When I am praying for peace
I felt like
I am not asking too much
Given up all
Due to lack of interest
May be due to lack of success

When I come to you
You are looking at my heart
But not my riches
But not my education
For what I should pray
Which are not going to help you

Dear Jesus
I am your poorest son
Poor in riches
Poor in health
I don’t need anything
When I lost my peace
I don’t need anything
When I am in peace

Some times
I have fear of death
But I trust in you
For the care
You are showing to my family
I am sure you are there
To help them
When I come to you

No fun in waiting
No fun in crying
No fun in grunting
Looking at you
In this lent season
Taken up my cross
And walking in your path

You are the man died for others
We are struggling to die for self
You are the strongest man
Just fallen three times
We are weakest people
Falling daily many times

When my soul is longing for you
People think I am the escapist
Am I don’t have freedom
To walk in the path you choose?

Let the people spit on my face
The way they did to you
Each time they do
They are pushing me
One more step nearer to you
How can I thank them?
For their greatest help

Dear Jesus
You are my savior
You are my friend
You are my love
You are my inspiration
You are my doctor
You are my counselor

Looking into your eyes
You are looking at me
Body is paining
Feeling sleepy
Going back to
Bed of thorns
Feeling difficult to
Keep my body and soul separate
Body is crying
Sole is laughing

Keep my spirit strong
Keep my soul in peace
Keep it with you
When my mind is questioning
I trust you in my heart

Satan asks the questions
Jesus gives the answers
Mind always questions
Heart answers with faith

I want to talk to you
But started coughing again
Talk to you soon
Once I woke up from bed


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