My prayer was not answered

My prayer was not answered

Getting in the morning
Feeling the same pain
Praying my best
To come out of the pain

Time is passing
Nothing happened
Nobody to blame
Blaming my self
For not praying enough

When beggar begs for dollar
He may get a quarter
I am begging the lord
Still got nothing
Praying like beggar
Not professional enough
To get what I prayed

God may give his best
I don’t know what he gives next
I can’t wait long enough
To get the best he gives

People say be patient
Easy to tell
Difficult to wait
What’s fun in getting tickets?
When game is ending

After a long time
I realized with ease
I am not crying
Because I am sick
I am crying
For my helplessness

God is great
Nobody made me to cry
Just like him before
His is the only door
I stand and beg forever
Still praying with hope
That one day he grants me peace


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