On the way to market

On the way to market

Its noon
Sun shining at his best
Going to market
To buy some food

Abruptly I realized
People are shouting
People are screaming
I didn’t understand
What’s happening?
In the midst

Decided to go and see
Pushed the people a side
Walked to the center

There is a lean man
Wearing white clothes
Wearing crown of thorns
Struggling to carry the cross
Soldiers are whipping him

I didn’t understand
What sin he committed
Few are shouting against him
Few are crying for him
I don’t know the story
But I am confused

Suddenly people are crying
He is fallen to ground
Due to the pain of whipping
Thought of helping him
But scared to Roman soldiers
They pulled him up and
Placed the cross on his shoulder

A woman came nearer to him
Looks like she is his mother
He looked at her eyes
Asked somebody
To take care of her

I never seen a person
Who is caring for others
During their tough times

Soldiers pulled somebody
To carry the heavy cross
One woman came
To wipe his face
Just asking my self
How can I help him?

Felt like walking with him
Started following in silence
He fallen second time
My heart is crying
By seeing his pain

I don’t know much about him
But my heart is telling
He is innocent
Some women came by crying
He looked at them
Asked them to cry for themselves
And cry for their children
But not for him

Just thought of my family
They are waiting for food at home
I thought of going back to market
But I realized
By weeping and crying
I can’t stop his journey

The road is full of stones
The road is ups and downs
Struggling to carry heavy cross
Fallen third time with pain
My heart started crying for him
Tears started flowing out

Reached the top of hill
Soldiers started removing his clothes
Surprised to see his body
I don’t know how he carried
The heavy cross on stumbling route

Felt like asking the soldiers
Why they want to crucify him
My words stuck up in throat
By looking at their brutality

They started nailing down
He started crying with pain
Don’t know what to do
Turned my face away
To escape the painful seen

They raised him on the cross
To put it in the pit
To keep it straight

He asked the God
To forgive the soldiers
He told the God that
They don’t know
What they are doing

I never seen a person
Who forgiven his enemies
During his tough times

He cried for help
Committed his spirit
Into the hands of God
Clouds covered the Sun
Suddenly it became dark
Looked at his eyes
He left his body

Started walking back
Feeling bad for my self
For not helping him
Failed to talk with him
His looks are hunting me
My soul is asking again
Who is this great person?

Suddenly I realized
I reached home
With empty hands
With saddened face
My wife asked me
What happened on the way?
I told the whole story
But failed to get his name
Somebody told us
His name is Jesus

Bhavani P Polimetla
Alpharetta, GA,

Felt like writing this, after participating in stations of cross. Still feeling bad at my heart for failed to help him. Still crying from heart…

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