Pain to Pleasure

Pain to Pleasure

Looking at the seed
Went into the earth
Took the heat
Took the water
Destroyed self
To become the sprout

Grownup as plant
Faced the wind
Faced the harsh weather
Stood courageously
Grownup as tree

Given the nice flowers
Flowers given the self
Became the fruit
Fruit ripe and dropped to earth
Fruit lost the self
Given seed to earth

Each moment
Gone through the pain
Just for the cause
How can I learn?
Such great unselfishness

Until we achieve
It looks like pleasure
Once we got it
It will be the pain
Pain and Pleasure are
Spokes of the wheel
One goes up
One goes down
Wheel need to rotate
To keep life moving


Looking at cocoon
Climbed to safe place
Constructed nice nest
Became pupa
One fine morning
Broken the pupa
Flapped hard
To break the shield
Got the freedom
Became the butterfly

When we look at beautiful butterfly
We forget its pain
We forget its struggle
Struggled to flap
To come out of the shell

Pleasure comes after Pain
When you are in pain
Dream for the future
Stay on the course
To enjoy the freedom

Pain comes like night
Pleasure brings the day
Pain and Pleasure
Moves hand in hand
To keep the days running
To keep the life moving


Alpharetta, GA

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