Suffering is the way of life

Suffering is the way of life

Dear God,

My daughter is crying with pain
Struggling with sickness
Don’t know how to help her
Don’t know what to tell her
She don’t know how to manage pain
She don’t know why she is undergoing pain
We don’t know how long we are going to suffer

Many parents are struggling
Many parents are crying
As Jesus told
Crying for self and crying for help
We don’t know how long to wait
Experiencing the pain
It becoming habit
Still crying, not because of pain
Crying because of helplessness

If we sinned, it is our mistake
Forgive our self and don’t count our sins
Please shield the kids from all ancestral sins
Kids are innocents
Kids are laughing
Kids are enjoying unconditional happiness
Let these kids be your angels
Protect them from evil
Protect them from pain

By looking at kids suffering
Our hearts are breaking
We don’t know
Who want to take revenge?
By giving pain to the kids
If it is sin, forgive us
If it is evil, kick it out
Do your best
To keep us in best spirit

Give us the courage
To brave our tough times
Give us the strength
To pass through our struggles
Don’t have reasons to laugh
But having enough to cry
Help us if you can
If not
Suffering is the way of life
Until we see you in heaven



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