When I am in mom’s lap
Enjoyed the food
Enjoyed the sleep
Enjoyed the talk
Enjoyed the smile
Enjoyed each moment
When she is with me

When I am in mom’s lap
I don’t know pain
I don’t know recession
I don’t know dollars
I don’t know problems
When she is with me

When I am growing
I dreamed for a job
I dreamed for a girl
I dreamed for a baby
I dreamed for best
When all are in hand
Enjoyed my fullest

When I am in middle age
I seen the troubles
I seen the ill health
I seen the joblessness
I starved for food
When all are at peak
Cried from heart

Started praying
Started fasting
Started spending
Sleepless nights
Given up everything
Just to pray

Slowly I realized
When I given up food
When I given up sleep
When I given up health
For what I need to pray
Slowly started
Praying for family
Praying for others
God gives the comfort
During our tough times

This life is transition
From stomach fullness to fasting
From over sleeping to sleepless nights
From questioning to prayer
From rebellion to humble
From anger to calmness
From desires to aversion
From discontent to contentment

I don’t know the direction
I am traveling
But I am sure
God is guiding me
From my mom’s lap
To his lap
To enjoy the same happiness
By knowing all around


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