Who can help?

Who can help?

Asked for help
Many people promised
When time came
I didn’t find anybody

Searching for help
Begging for help
People looked at me
Laughed at me
Praised in the front
Spit on my back

Don’t know what to do
Feeling the pain
I am the helpless
Crying with need

Jesus knows all this before
Asked to leave the dust at the door
Asked to knock again
Keep the hope
At least size of mustered seed

Sun is fading
Day is ending
Body is bleeding

Wearing my crown of thorns
Walking with cross
Searching for shelter
To take some rest

Light is faded
Cold wind is blowing
Feeling thirsty
Feeling hungry
Foxes are growling
Clouds are roaming
Thunders are falling

Sat on the ground
Looking at the sky
I don’t know whom to blame
Blaming my self
For all my sins

Don’t have energy
To cry loudly
Swallowing my tears
To quench my thirst

When God is not on my side
Whom else I can blame?
Dying on the cross
To raise again
To free from pain
To free from tears


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