Life is in Transit

Mother’s womb to Cradle
Cradle to Kindergarten
School to College
College to Job
Stopped nowhere
Always feeling
Life is in Transit

Talking to friendship
Friendship to love
Love to marriage
Babies to toddlers
Toddlers to kids
So many sweet moments
Life is running fast
Before I catch

Job to Job
Project to Project
Floor to Floor
Place to Place
Different technologies
Running as fast as I can
To catch all of them
Before they vanish

Met many of you
Talked many times
Shared all feelings
Worked together
Thank you for all
All the best
For the path you chosen
It’s the time for me
To say goodbye

In search of new shores
Traveling to west coast
Nothing in hand
Except my resume
Hoping for the best
Praying for the rest
Traveling with confidence
By believing in God’s word
Always feeling
Life is in Transit



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  1. Balakrishna
    July 17, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    Super !!!.. I Love SFO. It will be another NJ for you except the snow.

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