In search of partner
Looked at you
Eyes were locked
Into the depth of your looks
Dreams after dreams
Days are passed

Loved you so much
Because of age
Because of beauty
Talked with you too much
To understand you better
To explain myself
To discuss the rest

The day came fast
While walking on the clouds
Knotted the tie
Days are running
You came with me
To fulfill our lives
To make it one

Lived in tiny places
Never felt about it
Lot of love covered all
Day by day
Realizing the truth
Fighting for faith
Accepting the facts
Welcomed our little angel
With love and hope

Struggles in career
Struggles in marriage
Struggles in finance
One point of time
Hated the life
Because of the struggles

God given the hope
Filled us with love
Taught us to pray
Deep into the silence
United us together
With stronger bond
Thankful to God
For all his help
Thankful to you
For all your prayers

Emptied the heart
Threw out the ego
Filled with love
To love you better
To pray with peace
To share the joy

Thoughts are changing
While years are passing
Dreams to beauty
Beauty to lust
Lust to love
Love to fights
Fights to peace
Finally feeling
Your friendship in heart

Thanks to our parents
For bringing us together
Thanks to God
For giving our little angel
Thanks again
For all his blessings
Thanks to you
From depth of my heart
For standing my side
In rain and shine

Waiting for the time
To see you again
Waiting for the time
To walk your side
Going into sleep
To meet you in my dreams

Marriage is the place
Where we rested in peace
Filled with love
Spreading the joy
Thankful to the Lord
For all his Grace

This poem was written for my wife on our 14th Marriage Anniversary.

Bhavani P Polimetla
Fremont, CA
December, 2014

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