Mr. Infinite Ambitious

Mr. Infinite is proud
Celebrated his 25th birthday
Started looking for girl
To get marry soon

Looked at many
Selected none
Scanning the beautify
Validating Qualifications
Asking Questions
Don’t know what to expect
What is wrong?
What is right?
Nobody is there
To guide him straight

Looked at the handsome
Looked at the aesthetics
Looked at the beautiful
Looked at the pretty
Looked at everybody
Nobody got selected
At the end of the day
Asked himself
What went wrong?
Nobody is there
To guide him right

Where to search?
What to dream?
How to choose?
Where to stop?
He can’t answer
He won’t ask
Mr. Infinite is having
Too many questions
Nobody is there
To show the path
He always thinks
Time is infinite

One fine morning
Looking at the mirror
Mr. Infinite observed
White hair is popping
Skin is folding
Belly is growing
Suddenly he realized
Soon he is going to
Celebrate his 40th birthday

Fifteen years passed
In search of Ms. Infinity
Asking himself
Is she still exists?
If she exists,
How she looks?
Took a long breath
Watched one more movie
Went to the bed
The day is gone
In search of Ms. Infinity
By Mr. Infinite Ambitious


Dedicated to all Mr and Ms. Infinite who are still searching for their soul mates.

Bhavani P Polimetla

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