Choose to be an angel

Choose to be an angel

Heaven is on earth
See the beauty of the flowers
Look at the rainbow
Enjoy the sunrise
Spend same with soothing crescent
Slap at the twinkle stars
Each and every thing is
Arranged so beautifully

Heaven is on earth
Enjoyed the man’s love
Learned walking by holding dad’s hand
Played with my brother
Learned from my teacher
Married a nice girl
Had a beautiful prince
She is my angel in this
Beautiful heaven

Heaven is on earth
If you deny, it will be the hell
Look at the bad thing /feel more more
Look at the TV news
Feel more more

I looked at three monkeys
They are telling three truths
Don’t speak badly
Don’t hear badly
Don’t look at bad things
These truths will save us from hell

God created us in his shape
He given the free will to chose
More and more angles
More and more joy
Choose to be an angel
Do good ,feel good
Eat well sleep well
Share your wealth share your time
Be like an angel , enjoy in this heaven

Be like an angel help others
Listen to the problems give the console
Help the people who are in need
Help your self to lift up to new heights
Don’t end up your self to enter the hell
Call for an angel just for the help
The more people choose to be angels
The more is the heaven and
The less is the hell
Let us kick it out from God’s creation

God created heaven on earth
We created hell around
Choose to be an angel , choose the heaven
Be with us and have more fun.


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