Cross is the greatest gift

Cross is the greatest gift

In my childhood days
I attended catholic school
That is the place
First I looked at Cross
I didn’t understand
What it is in first look

Time passed so fast
I got the troubles in life
Ran all the places without help
Finally I stopped at cross
I don’t know how it is going to help
Cried and Cried
Asked for help
My heart became light
Went home with peace
I realized next day
All my physical problems were solved
Without buying single pill from prescription

So many times
I stuck up in the troubles
Always find the nearest cross
Wept from my heart
Asked for help
Always my prayers were answered

At first look, cross looks like two sticks
Today cross is the greatest gift given by Jesus

When bad thoughts are running
Imagine yourself on cross
The thoughts don’t have power
To separate you from cross

When you are in tough situation
Imagine yourself on cross
There is no tough situation
Which is greater than hanging on cross

When you are unhappy
When you are sad
When you are insulted
When you are feeling bad
Stay on your cross and
Pray like Jesus
Situations will change and
You will be saved

Keep a cross in your pocket
Hold to it always
When Cross is here
Jesus is near
Then why we should have fear?

Holding to cross is like
Anchoring ship
As long as we hold to it
We will be saved from currents

We don’t have option to runaway from cross
As Jesus told, we need to carry our cross always
Jesus left this world and given cross as gift
We too leave our cross only when we leave this world
Until that time hold on to it

Cross is the place I got the comfort
Cross is the place I am happy
Cross is the place I got my answers
Cross is the place I sit and cry
Cross is the place I share my pain
Cross is the place I met with Jesus
Cross is the place I live my life
Cross is the key to doors of the heaven
Cross is the greatest gift, I got it from Jesus


  1. Chandu
    August 2, 2009 at 12:52 am

    Very Very nice

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