Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Life is like tree leaf on riverside.
We had born like leaves on branch.
Leaves grow like siblings with different heights.
God had given equal opportunity
To each leaf to grow as big as it can

Live like a leaf and enjoy each moment
When we born, we are in light color
When we grow, we turn to dark
When we are old, we turn to different color

Live like leaf and enjoy each moment
Enjoy the sunshine and prepare your food
Sleep well when night comes at the end
Enjoy the tiny rain drop and
Feel the touch of butterflies in life
Dance for the breeze and hug your siblings

When old age comes like fall,
We turn to different colors
Every leaf needs to fall to merge with earth
Each leaf falls in its own time
Based on its strength and wind
Leaf is big or small,
Leaf is Weak or strong,
Irrespective of color and shape it will fall on earth
God created gravity to bring all things back to earth

Last leaf on the branch thought,
It is the end of world and all leafs fallen to earth.
Leaf doesn’t have enough life to see the cycle of seasons.
God given the strength to barren trees
To bare more leaves in coming spring.

Life is gone when leaf falls from tree.
Leaf may become manure on the earth.
Leaf may become fossil between rocks.
Leaf may become coal under the earth.
One thing sure is it is not going to waste.
God is going to use each leaf to glorify his name.


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