Give me the hope

Give me the hope

Looked at a little girl
She is in pain
Taking all the pain and
Laughing with difficult
To make me laugh with her
Give me good heart
To laugh in my tough times

Looked a blind person
Who is crossing road
I am inpatient to wait for signal
Give me patience during my dark days
Give me patience to wait for time

Looked at a handicap
He is struggling to carry his body
Stopped for a moment and
Stopped asking for good shoes
Save these two legs and two hands
To carry this living cross

Looked at a orphan
He is crying for food
I can’t feed five thousand people
But give me a chance to
Feed one person at a time

How many days you think that
I can carry this living cross
You are too selfish
Just struggled few moments on cross
We are struggling day after day
Not getting sleep by
Thinking of coming days

Give me the hope in life
Give me the love on life
If you think it is too selfish
Take me with you
When I am in sleep


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