Rain is beautiful
When umbrella is in hand
Snow is smooth
When you wear gloves on hand
Wind is good
When you watch through the glass
Life is beautiful
When you have handful of cash
We can do everything
When we have time in hand
Just give a try
To feel the reality

Life is not an
If then else statement
It is a travel in
Midst of the ocean
There is no bad wind
For a good sailor
We should know
When to sail
We should know
When to anchor
These are the skills
Not thought in class
We need to sail
To become a good sailor

Just spend little time
To look into reality
Looking may lead to
Feel the reality
Feeling may pull you
To experience the truth
Once you feel the reality
Nature will teach you how to face it
Once you are a learned sailor
You don’t need any books
You don’t care if statements anymore

Difficult to stand as realist
You stand or not
The truth is same
If you can stand
You will enjoy the truth

When you stand as realist
There are no more tears
There are no more laughers
There is no success
There is no failure

Realist is not expecting results
But decided to work hard
To do the better things
On the way to death
There is pain to the body
But not to the soul

God is having fear to realist
When there is no longing
No more cry and no more prayer

God loves optimist
God needs not to give anything
Optimist lives by thinking that
God gives one day

God hates pessimist
God want to do good but
Pessimist thinks that
Worst is on the way

We need not to know so much theory
Flower blossoms in morning
Bird flies in noon
Sun sets in evening
It is well created universe
The world is beyond our thoughts
The world is beyond our imagination

For all the people
For all the theories
For all the problems
There is only one solution
We can face anything
When we pray with heart

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