When I married, I have dreams
When I married, I have trust
When I married, I have hope
When I married, I have life
When I married, I have love
When I married, I have respect
When I married, I have honor
When I divorced, all are gone
By leaving me in hell

Until I am divorced
I don’t know the value of marriage
Now life is broken glass
Spread the pieces across the road
Nobody wants to step on it

Trying to fix the feelings
But they are always going back to the time
It is the pain between present and past
Struggling to move to future
Divorce is the evil
It killed my glorious memories
Stuck up in the present and
Stumbling into future

Whom to blame in this game
This is the game of blames
This is the game of failure
This the game no one wins
Don’t try to play it for fun
It is difficult to accept the defeat

I learnt about forgiveness
Now there is no one left to forgive
Forgiving my self for all my faults

I want the love
I want the hope
I want the respect
I want the honor
These are the things
No one gives freely
We need to give it first
Definitely it will come back fast
The more you give
The more you get

How can I marry again?
If you lost a leg
You can walk with artificial leg
If you lost sight
You can see with glasses
But if you lost your heart
It is difficult to marry again.

Marriage and divorce
How many times we can enter this loop
The more you play
The heart becomes more brittle
Life becomes sick
Difficult to feel
The feeling of decisiveness

No fun in counting
After completion of game
Who cheated whom?
How many times?

It is better to play Marriage game
When we play continuous,
We have opportunity to improve ourselves
Don’t stop the game in between
To count your mistakes
As long as you play there are no winners
The moment you stop, both are losers
Marriage is a game, which never ends

I love my spouse
Whom I left once
If I am not loving,
Why am I thinking?
We are planning to start
The marriage game once again
Divorce is a quarrel
Settled by God as referee
This time we decided
Not to stop it until we die.


  1. Anil
    November 9, 2009 at 1:56 am

    Raasina date kooda pedithe baavuntundi –

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