small things => BIG DIFFERENCE

small things ==> BIG DIFFERENCE

Small heart manages big body
Little exercise gives good health
Message your body gives good relaxation
Small walk causes to big walk
Big walk brings health to body

Staying little late in night ruins next day
Little more sleep gives good comfort
Take a good bath for better sleep
Sound sleep is symbol of sound health

Brush one more time before bed saves tooth
Flossing once a day saves from plaque
Control your sweet tooth saves one more real tooth

Eating little more causes more obesity
Eat little more fruit gives good nutrients
Controlled word saves bad mouth

Drink more water to keep body clean
Breath fresh air gives good feeling
Watch sunset gives nice pleasure

Watch less TV gives calm mind
Watch less TV saves little more power
Watch less TV saves your vision
Don’t watch TV before going to bed

Type less to save your wrist
Give rest between the tasks
Treat your hands as your own
If they sick, you will be nothing

Getup little early to enjoy the sun raise
Drink more water to get a free motion
Fast once in a week to keep body clean
Observe silence once in a month

Eat less cooked food
Eat more natural food
Stay with nature to feel better

Watch what you eat
Watch what you drink
Watch what you speak
Watch what you see
Watch your actions
Watch your thoughts
If you miss anything
You will be the victim

Save little more for bright future
Spend little less to save your credit card
Use less power and save this earth
Save little water for coming days

Little prayer brings big difference
Little helping hand brings great friends
Little donation helps the needy
Little God’s help saves our life

Look at these little tasks
Small things can change the big life
Knowing is not doing
Doing is doing
Do the small things
Enjoy the big difference


  1. Ugandhar
    September 10, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Yes simple things make big difference, I agree with you.

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