Take a long breathe

Take a long breathe

Take a long breath, walk slowly
Look at the flowers on sidewalks
Observe the birds on side by trees.

Take a long breath, eat slowly
Sense the smell & texture of food
Chew slowly to digest well

Take a long breath, bath slowly
Massage your hands, massage your legs
Massage your body for better results

Take a long breath, talk slowly
Listen to others, listen to your self
Talk clearly with better vision

Take a long breath, drive slowly
Sense your car and sense the traffic
Save your self and save others all time.

Take a long breath, hug your mom
Hold her a moment and hug again.
Enjoy your self and keep other happy.

Take along breath, talk with your teacher
Ask for feedback, clarify your doubts
Teachers are best friends and lighthouse to your life.

Take a long breath, pray slowly
Talk with your self and talk with God
Pray for the best and ask nothing.

Take a long breath, read the bible
Read the Gospel and read the Psalms
Read always for your better living

Take a long breath, think on your finance
Save more and more, spend less and less
Strike the balance in balance sheet.

Take a long breath, live slowly
Thank for yesterday, live for today
Dream and plan for coming day.


  1. Ritesh
    May 5, 2014 at 1:26 am

    Take a long breath, read slowly
    Understand the thought behind each stanza
    Appreciate what god has given you, and be happy always.

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