The road never ends

The road never ends

Got up early to catch less traffic road
Sitting on left and driving
Following the left dotted white line
My hopes and desires are on right dotted white line
Always hoping that I will catch them one day
But my heart knows that
The left and right dotted lines never meet

Driving with hope
Driving with desire
Expecting the comfort while driving
Somebody honked from behind
For my slow driving
One person’s comfort is other person’s frustration

I can’t exceed the speed limit
I don’t have other right line to shift
May be becoming bottleneck on the road
But that is what I am
And driving my best to reach the destination

This is the road of life
Young and old
Women and men
Kids in the back seat
Everybody is traveling
To reach their destinations

Traveling through lonely roads
Driving through busy intersections
Passing throw valleys
Climbing the mountains
Running down from hill tops
Body is tired
Eyelids are closing
Searching for rest area to stop for a moment
Odometer knows only beginning
Nobody knows where it ends

Rich cars, Poor cars
Big cars, Mini vans
Bikes, Mopeds
Every body is passing milestones
Irrespective of what they are driving

You feel good
You feel bad
You get tired
You get energized
You may be rich
You may be poor
You may be healthy
You may be sick
Everybody needs to drive
Irrespective of what we are

Driving with caution
Respecting other passers
Waiting at signals
Following the speed limit
I know when I get in
I don’t know where I get down
But driving with purpose
By knowingly that
The road never ends


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