You are the chooser

You are the chooser

God created Adam in his form
Given the freedom
Given the free mind
Given fruits to eat
Given eve to stay together
Given only one command
Don’t eat that fruit


Asked all the angels
To serve Adam
One angel denied serving Adam
God pushed the angel out of haven
That became Satan

Satan started working against God
Don’t have power to fight with God
Decided to fight with all
All who is favor to God

Satan found Eve as instrument
Cheated her to eat secret fruit
That is beginning of the story


Humans failed to serve God
Finally God given Ten Commandments
To save the man from sin


Time passed by
Jesus came into existence
Again Satan tried to cheat Jesus
Jesus given correct answers
Satan left Jesus without success
Jesus given two commands
To save the man from sin


Satan is winning the people
People are losing to Satan
God trusted the man
Given the freedom to roam
It is the chance to Satan
To catch the man when he is alone

Satan is like rattle snake
Showing the rattle
Getting the man
Biting when he touches the rattle

Once man got the bite
He know the pain
Praying hard to come out
God helped and bought him out

It is the same story
Happening around the world

Satan is biting
Humans are suffering
God is healing
Where is the end to it?

Satan is laughing
Humans are crying
God is watching
How long it can be?

Satan is always preying
Rattle is taking different shapes
Rattle like a brothel
Rattle like a gambling
Rattle like every sin
Before you catch a rattle
Make sure that
You are not catching
The rattle of Satan

God given the freedom to choose
Satan is waiting for you to choose
You are the chooser
Choose the God for better living

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